Quality Ingredients for Craft Brewers



  • Fermentis

    Fermentis dry brewing yeasts are well known for their ability to produce a large variety of beer styles. 

  • AEB

    AEB is a leader in the field of biotechnologies and process products used for the treatment of beer. The products intended for the production of beer represent for AEB the result of a great experience. An experience gained thanks to the research carried out at its R&D centers present all around the world and the ability of its specialized technicians.

  • Lallemand

    Lallemand’s presence in the brewing industry dates from the early 1970s when the company started producing dried pure culture brewing yeasts for beer kit manufacturers in Canada. In subsequent years, this activity was expanded to the production of other specific ale and lager beer yeast strains for different clients in the United States, Europe and Australia and Asia.