Quality Ingredients for Craft Brewers

About Us

Brewpark provides quality ingredients and supplies for craft and home brewers.

Brewpark was born out of the idea of creating a company dedicated to the needs of craft brewers and home brewing.

Brewpark is the exclusive distributor of the finest brands — in France and Benelux —, whether it’s quality ingredients like Hopsteiner hops and BestMalz malts, or specialized technical supplies such as Pelliconi caps.

We are passionate about beer. We have in-house knowledge of malting and brewing processes. We aim to provide our customers with unparalleled service, technical support, and lean logistics.

Our ambition is to offer the most complete range of bespoke products that are indispensable to craft brewers’ success:

  • raw materials and essential ingredients for creating and brewing craft beers ;
  • supplies needed for bottling and packaging beer ;
  • advice from our experts.

In the near future, we intend to extend this range with yeasts, extracts, and various other adjuncts for craft brewers and distillers. Stay tuned!

Brewpark is a joint venture from Hopsteiner and Pelliconi, with a large warehouse and office located in Mardeuil, France.

Hopsteiner Hops

Hopsteiner, an American producer of hops since 1845, provides craft brewers around the world with an exceptional line of bittering and aromatic hops from different growing regions around the world.

  • nearly 100 hop varieties grown in Germany, the US, France, the UK, Oceania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic ;
  • a broad range of hop oils and extracts.

BestMalz Malts

BestMalz, a German malt producer and a traditional family-owned business since 1899, provides over 40 different base and specialty malts of the highest quality and purity. These malts are internationally acclaimed as being among the best that breweries and brewers can wish for their beer.

Using their base and specialty malts, and various doses, it is possible to achieve a myriad of remarkable flavours. Depending on the quantity and the combination one can achieve array of colors varying from yellow, golden, red to chestnut, brown or dark black.

Pelliconi Caps

Pelliconi, an Italian manufacturer of bottle caps since 1939, is a family-owned company. They provide craft brewers with quality metal bottle caps to guarantee the safety and shelf life of beers. 26-mm (for 25/33-cl bottles) and 29-mm caps (75-cl and magnum bottles). 

  • pry-off and twist-off caps ;
  • anti-contaminant, “smart” (oxygen scavenger) PVC-free cap liners ;
  • personalized decoration on request.