Quality Ingredients for Craft Brewers

BEST Special X® Malt (25KG)

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
  • Colour EBC: 300-400
    Colour °L: 115-150

    Flavour: Smooth roasty, raisins, dried fruit
    Rate: Up to 20 %
    Alt, Bocks, Schwarzbier, malt beers, Belgian styles like Abbey and Trappist beer, British styles like Amber beers, Dark Ales, Porters and Stouts, and as an ingredient for all craft beers

    BEST Special X® imparts to beer – depending on the amount in the grist– a smooth roasty flavor reminiscent of raisins or dried fruit. The beer possesses a chestnut to dark hue (depending on rate) and an aromatic and harmonious full-bodied character. The malt does not, however, introduce bitter roasted flavors but rather brings a mild smoothness to beer without any of the astringent qualities associated with other dark malts. BEST Special X® is a cool and “crafty” malt-product. Any craft brewer should try out this malt in his or her creations and impress with a rich mix of flavors.