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Organic Cara MD

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
  • Colour EBC: 125

    Colour °L: 45

    Rate: Up to 25 %

    Usage: Belgian Abbey and Trappist beers, Pale Ale, Golden Ale

    Organic Cara MD is a dark caramel malt that is produced in the roasting drum. By gradually increasing the temperature, this malt gets its intense caramel sweet aroma and flavour, as well as its dark colour. Organic Cara MD malt is used by many Belgian breweries for the production of abbey beers. All caramelised malts have a positive effect on foam stability from as little as 5% of the grain bill. This caramelised malt can be used for up to 25% of the grain bill.

    Barley from organic cultivation, malt distribution certified Ecocert FR-BIO-01. You can download our up-to-date organic certificate at any time via the organic logo at the bottom of our website.