Quality Ingredients for Craft Brewers

Enzybrew 10 (10kg)

  • Tri-enzyme detergent specially designed for the daily cleaning of microbrewery equipment. ENZYBREW 10 removes all organic residues encountered during the production of beer such as vegetable fibers (hop, distillers grains), starch, caramelized sugars, etc. Ideal for cleaning filter plates, wort cooler and maturation, boiling and fermentation tanks. Formulated without phosphorus, ENZYBREW 10 ensures a deep and safe cleaning of all installations. Compatible with Teflon.


    • Reinforced hygiene: effectively prepares for disinfection
    • Removal of contamination risk
    • Cleaning in one cycle (time and water savings)
    • Very good rinsability
    • Hazard-free for users: non-corrosive product (no risk of burns)
    • Organoleptic quality guaranteed
    • Environmentally friendly alternative to caustic soda
    • Biodegradation rate > 98% in 28 days

    Fields of application

    Suitable for:

    • Brewing vessels (boiling, filtration)
    • Hoses and pipes
    • Fermenters and conditioning tanks
    • Plate heat exchangers
    • Bottling equipment