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Caskleer Paste (2.5KG)

  • Description
    CASKLEER PASTE is a very concentrated form of isinglass for clarifying yeast from beer.


    • A traditional and natural product
    • Blended specifically for clarifying yeast from beer
    • Large savings in both cooling energy costs and capital investment may be achieved by shorter conditioning tank residence time
    • Filter performance is enhanced
    • Enhances beer foam stability
    • Easily and quickly mixed to make ready-for-use finings
    • Very concentrated isinglass, saving on storage space and transport volumes
    • High stability provides a long shelf life

    Isinglass has for many years, been used as a clarification agent for beer. The active ingredient is the protein molecule collagen. Collagen is very sensitive and is denatured at moderate temperatures into gelatine which has little or no fining activity. This has significant implications for the manufacture and storage of isinglass finings.

    1 unit of paste makes 30 units of Ready for Use Isinglass by adding 29 units of water