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Can 33cl

SKU 0607CS33
Packaging Unit 1 pallet (3890 cans)
  • Can Aluminium
    Type : NextGen (Bpani)
    Capacity : 33cl

    Conditioning : Pallet (3890 cans)
    Size : 1120x1420mm
    Type : Wood
    Weight : 76kg
    Height : 1320mm

    These aluminum products are intended for beer.

    It should be noted that for filling other than beer, as for any packaging and in particular with regard to aluminum cans/lids, there are risks as to the potential phenomenon of interaction between containers and content (or migration) depending on the characteristics of the product.
    The only way to eliminate this risk is to perform compatibility tests and analyze potential migrations.

    For any filling other than beer, Brewpark declines all responsibility in the event of incompatibility and migration between the can/lid and the drink.

    A certain number of items could arrive damaged on delivery or during transport, due to the fragility of the material. Tolerance of 5% to 8% loss.