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BEST Peated Malt (25KG)

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
  • Colour EBC: 3-8
    Colour °L: 1.7-3.6
    Flavour: Strong smoky
    Rate: Up to 100 %
    beers with a smoky note as well as for Lager, wheat beers, Porter, Bocks and distillates (whisky)

    BEST Peated is smoked over a peat fire using the best available peat. The smoke imparts a strong smoky, phenolic flavor which is reflected in the malt aroma. Brewers can use up to 100% in the grain bill. Depending on the composition and intensity in the grain bill this malt will generate flavors from light to intense peat and earthy tastes. Great not only for beers but also for distillates. For smoked beers, wheat beers, export beer, porter, bock beer and distillates. Due to its unique taste and smell BEST Peated can be used in many ways.