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BEST Munich Dark Malt (25KG)

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
  • Colour EBC: 21-35
    Colour °L: 8.4-13.7
    Flavour: Malty
    Rate: Up to 100 %
    Usage: D
    ark beers, Märzen, Alt, Bock beer, Brown Ale and all other dark beer styles

    BEST Munich Dark gives a pleasant full-bodied and malty flavor. The impact when using this darker malt is similar to BEST Munich: the color is even more intensified, the malt aroma is strenghtened. Enzyme richness of this malt offers opportunity for brewing strongly colored beers. The production process for this malt is similar to the lighter variant of our BEST Mnich. For all darker beer styles like Alt, brown ale dark ale, dark wheat, stout, dark lager, amber and bock beer.