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BEST Cherry Ember Smoked

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
Disclaimer Available in big bag upon request
  • Colour EBC: 3,0-8,0

    Colour °L: 1,6-3,5

    Flavour: Sweetish smoke, cherry note

    Rate: Up to 100 %

    Usage: Bock, distillates (whisky), dark beers, Export, Porter, smoked beer, wheat beer

    BEST Cherry Ember Smoked is produced using the finest cherry wood and creates notes that reflect the taste of fresh cherries. The malt is ideal for both beer and whisky production. For initial use, we recommend 10% in the malt bill, which can be increased to 100% due to its high enzymatic power. It should be noted that the full cherry smoke aroma generally develops only after fermentation and cellaring.