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BEST Caramel Pils

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
Disclaimer Available in big bag upon request
  • Colour EBC: 3,0-7,0

    Colour °L: 1,6-3,1

    Flavour: Sweet honey

    Rate: Up to 50 %

    Usage: Pilsner, Helles, Lager, Kölsch, Export, wheat beer, light beers, reduced-alcohol beer, all pale beer styles

    BEST Caramel Pils Malt optimizes the foam properties and the sweet full-bodied character of the beer. The malt character resembles that of BEST Pilsen Malt. After the germination is finished, the green malt is gently roasted with a special technique developed and optimized over many years by BESTMALZ malt masters. This process is responsible for the unique BESTMALZ Caramel aromas. As all their Caramel malts, this malt impresses with excellent processing characteristics and with a superior flavor. For pilsner, light beers, lager, Kölsch, reduced-alcohol beer.