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BEST Beechwood Smoked

Packaging Unit 25kg bag
Disclaimer Available in big bag upon request
  • Colour EBC: 3,0-8,0

    Colour °L: 1,6-3,5

    Flavour: Smoked ham

    Rate: Up to 100 %

    Usage: Bock, distillates (whisky), dark beers, Export, Porter, smoked beer, wheat beer

    BEST Beechwood Smoked malt is smoked over the finest beechwood and imparts a typical campfire flavour to the beer that is strongly reminiscent of smoked ham. The malt is ideal for both beer and whisky production. For initial use, we recomment 10% in the malt bill, which can be increased to 100% due to its high enzymatic power. It should be noted that the full smoky aroma generally develops only after fermentation and cellaring.